Emergency Snow Routes

The City of Sedalia has designated several streets within the city as emergency snow routes. You can sign up for notifications or view current outages and closures.

Designated snow routes receive priority clearing by Public Works crews and have parking restrictions that take effect during inclement weather. The following city streets are Emergency Snow Routes:

  • 3rd St.
  • 5th St.
  • 12th St.
  • 13th St.
  • 16th St.
  • 20th St.
  • 24th St.
  • 32nd St.
  • Adams Rd.
  • Barrett Ave.
  • Boonville Rd.
  • Cedar Dr.
  • Clarendon Rd.
  • Clinton Rd.
  • Crescent Ave.
  • Duke Rd.
  • Emmet Ave,
  • Engineer Ave.
  • Ewing Dr.
  • Georgetown Rd.
  • Grand Ave.
  • Hancock Ave.
  • Harding Ave.
  • Industrial Rd.
  • Ingram Ave.
  • Kentucky St.
  • Leroy Van Dyke
  • Main St.
  • Marshall Ave.
  • Massachusetts Ave.
  • Missouri Ave.
  • Mitchell Rd.
  • Moniteau Ave.
  • Montgomery Ave.
  • New York Ave.
  • North Park
  • Ohio Ave.
  • Pettis St.
  • ProEnergy Blvd.
  • Saline St.
  • Sedalia Rd.
  • Snyder Dr.
  • State Fair Blvd.
  • Tiger Pride Blvd.
  • Thompson Rd.
  • Thompson Blvd.
  • Tower Street
  • Washington Ave.
  • West Henry
  • West 10th St.
  • Winchester Rd.

Emergency snow routes are posted with appropriate signage along the route. Designation as a snow route prohibits parking on the street when:

  • there is falling snow or predictions of snow to exceed 2”;
  • there is sleet or freezing rain;
  • other weather conditions exist that make it necessary for roadways to be cleared.

The weather events listed above initiate snow emergencies. During a snow emergency, parking a vehicle in a designated emergency snow route street is strictly prohibited. Vehicles parked along the snow routes must be moved immediately or become subject to ticketing and/or towing.

The emergency snow routes will be automatically enforced when 2 or more inches of snow, sleet, or freezing rain have accumulated within a 24-hour period. In the case of a snow emergency, a public service announcement is not guaranteed.

A parking prohibition shall remain in effect until: a) terminated by announcement, or b) the street has become substantially clear of snow and ice from curb to curb for the length of the entire block.

Vehicles parked in violation of a parking prohibition will be ticketed and/or towed.

Questions regarding the emergency snow routes may be directed to Brenda Ardrey, Public Works Director at (660) 827-3000. Additional information can also be found on the Streets & Alleys page.