Special Use Permit

Review the procedures and use the form below to request a special use permit. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Special Use Permit Procedures

The following procedure must be followed by applicants for a special use permit for a modular structure:

  1. After consulting the City Community Development Department, an application packet is obtained from the department.
  2. The owner of the property for which a special use permit is being request, or his agent, completes the application.
  3. The completely and correctly filled out application is turned in to the Community Development Department with $350.00 remittance to cover advertising, certified letters and clerical costs, 30 days prior to the hearing date.
  4. After verification of the application, the applicant is then notified by the Community Development Department of a hearing date before the Planning & Zoning Commission. Meeting dates are specially called - the first Wednesday of each month.
  5. At least fifteen days prior to the hearing, notice of its time and place is published in the newspaper.
  6. The city will be responsible for mailing notices of public hearing by Certified Mail Return Receipt
    requested to all owners of land within 185 feet of proposed property. The notice may be sent anytime in advance of the 10 day minimum. If you are requesting placement of a mobile home, factory-built housing or a factory-built commercial building it will require letters to be sent to property owners within 300 feet of proposed property.
  7. After the final Commission hearing on a special use permit, the Commission approves or denies the request and recommends one of these actions to the City Council. The recommendations are then sent to the Mayor’s Office to be placed on the council agenda for council action at the next regular meeting.

Special Use Permit Application