This community is the common ground that allows people to cross paths with each other. When people cross paths they collaborate, and their collective efforts strengthen us as a whole. We invite you to learn about the place we call home and become an integral part of its future.

Everything from tuning in to our history to learning how to access city government jobs is easily accessible. Learn about the past, dream about the future, and help make a difference while writing our history.

A Sedalia banner on a light pole downtown

Learn more about the city, its officials, and how to get more involved below.

About Sedalia

Founded in 1860, Sedalia has a rich history but has always kept its eye on the future. Far removed from the days that relied on the railroad for commerce and transportation, Sedalia now leads the way in progressive growth. From humble roots to a thriving community, come and join us on our journey.

City Officials

Much of the success of Sedalia has been in its transparency of government and listening to its citizens for direction. The dedicated and professional team understands the culture, respects the past, and plans for the future by connecting with its residents and businesses. All are eager to forge a path forward as they plan for the future. They work as a team to ensure public safety while enhancing the quality of life in the community.

Stay Informed

It's one thing to cross paths with each other but quite another to stay connected. Sedalia recognizes the value of both. There are many ways to keep on top of Sedalia news and happenings. It begins with our website and continues through our direct government contacts, social media, public outreach, and cooperation with almost a dozen media outlets.


The City of Sedalia is responsible for the governance and guidance of the community. The team combines common-sense policies with the compassion and caring prevalent in Midwestern communities. Each member knows and respects their duties with a common mission of serving residents and businesses with respect, gratitude, and compassion.

Employment Opportunities

A primary cause of Sedalia's forward momentum is the dedication of its approximately 200 employees who work together to serve the community's needs. The City of Sedalia participates in the Missouri Work Ready Communities Initiative. This ensures fairness, diversity, and an equal playing field to fill open positions. The City of Sedalia understands that diversity makes everyone stronger.

Get Involved

In Sedalia, everything begins with you. Our success and the legacy of Sedalia have been crafted by enthusiastic and motivated individuals for more than 100 years.

Report an Issue

If you have a question or need answers on a specific topic, you can easily report your concern. The information will be sent to the appropriate City department.