Projects & Initiatives

The city of Sedalia has ongoing projects and initiatives. Read about how these benefit Sedalians below.

Sedalia Shop Local Initiative

The City of Sedalia and Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to create Sedalia Shop Local – an initiative highlighting and supporting the local businesses within the Sedalia-Pettis County area. A recent survey showed a healthy increase in local sales when promoted and supported by a local campaign.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time than today to support local businesses. Most of us earn our money locally. By investing your dollars back into our community, you strengthen your neighbor both economically and socially. By supporting local businesses, they are more freely able to donate to local organizations and local causes!

Sedalia Shop Local will be a continuous, year-round campaign. Other planned events include Restaurant Month in January, and sidewalk sales in both April and August.

Sedalia businesses can’t wait to catch up with you – while you’re out shopping locally!

Missouri Work Ready Communities Initiative

The City of Sedalia now participates in the Missouri Work Ready Communities Initiative. This is a work-related skills credential that provides objective documentation of skills. This three-part assessment is free to those 18 years or older and is recognized and accepted nationwide.

The three WorkKey skill areas are: reading for information, applied mathematics, and locating information. Applicants who complete the process are awarded a national career readiness certificate. The City recommends that all applicants submit a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) along with their application for employment. Applicants can learn more about the NCRC at

The Missouri Career Center administers the testing for NCRC. They are located at 215 East 5th St., Sedalia, MO. They may also be reached at (660) 530-5627. Their representatives are eager to assist you in both completing the testing process and earning your certificate.

Applicants may submit an application to the City without the NCRC certificate. However, the completion of NCRC certification may become part of the evaluation process used by the City to fill job openings.

DREAM Initiative

Sedalia became one of ten Missouri communities that were chosen to launch the DREAM initiative. DREAM stands for Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri. Learn more about the initiative and its positive impact on Sedalia by going to the Community Development page.