City of Sedalia Tree Re-Inventory

The City of Sedalia has received a TRIM grant through the Missouri Department of Conservation for completion of a partial tree re-inventory of trees along certain street right-of-ways on public property and within City parks. ArborPro, Inc., the City of Sedalia’s contractor is in the process of gathering tree data from this area: S. Limit Ave. to the west and S. New York Ave. to the east between W. 16th St. to the north and W. 24th St. to the south. Data collected will include, but is not limited to, location, species, tree size, stems, condition, location rating, primary maintenance needs, secondary maintenance needs, risk assessment, risk rating, and observations.

ArborPro, Inc. workers will not be inventorying trees on private property and will not need to make contact with residents. However, should you be concerned about someone in your area, you can identify ArborPro, Inc. workers as they will be wearing high-visibility safety vests and will have ArborPro, Inc. identification cards available upon request.

Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Department, 200 S. Osage, Sedalia, MO 65301, or (660) 827-3000 extension 1166.