Sedalia Strengthens Regional Safety with “Jaws of Life” Donation to Green Ridge Volunteer Fire Department

The City of Sedalia is proud to announce the donation of a set of Hurst extraction equipment, commonly known as the “Jaws of Life,” to the Green Ridge Volunteer Department. This move symbolizes not just an act of good will, but also a commitment to regional safety and emergency preparedness.

The donated equipment is an extra set that the Sedalia Fire Department had on hand, ensuring that the Sedalia community will continue to be well-equipped for emergency situations. Recognizing the importance of equipment reliability in life-saving scenarios, the Sedalia City Council has authorized an inspection of the extraction equipment by Hurst. Any necessary repairs will be made prior to the donation, guaranteeing that the equipment is in optimal condition for immediate use. Sedalia Fire Rescue professionals, who possess specialized training in this equipment, have generously dedicated their off-duty hours to instruct Green Ridge volunteers in the proficient deployment of these life-saving devices.

The safety and well-being of our neighboring communities’ impact all of us,” said Mayor Andrew Dawson. “We believe that by fortifying Green Ridge’s emergency response capabilities, we are enhancing regional safety as a whole.”

Fire Chief Irwin added, “This additional capability is not just an asset for Green Ridge; it fills critical gaps in our regional emergency response system. When seconds matter, having access to reliable equipment can make all the difference.”

In many vehicle-related emergencies, quick and efficient extrication of trapped individuals is crucial for survival. The “Jaws of Life” can be a life-saving tool, and its donation helps to bolster Green Ridge Volunteer Fire Department’s emergency response capabilities.

This donation reflects the broader values and responsibilities we uphold as public servants,” Mayor Dawson continued. “We are committed to using our resources in a manner that provides tangible benefits to the public, and this act exemplifies that commitment.