Overwhelming Approval of Wastewater Treatment System Bond Measure

The City of Sedalia is thrilled to announce the passage of the bond measure for the improvement and maintenance of the city’s wastewater treatment and collection systems, with an impressive approval rate of 79%. This vote authorizes the city to borrow up to $60 million from the state revolving fund at a reduced interest rate, underscoring the community’s trust in city governance and its support for critical infrastructure advancements.

Mayor Andrew Dawson expressed his gratitude and optimism following this pivotal achievement: “The passage of this bond measure is a clear endorsement of our residents’ faith in our stewardship and their approval of necessary enhancements to our city’s infrastructure. It represents a crucial step forward, enabling us to access the funds needed to upgrade our wastewater systems, which are essential for the health and growth of Sedalia.”

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw added, “This is a significant milestone for our community, showcasing our collective commitment to securing a better future for Sedalia. With the authorization to borrow up to $60 million at a favorable interest rate, we are now in a position to plan strategically for the comprehensive improvement of our wastewater treatment facilities.”

The bond measure’s approval does not immediately kick off the implementation phase but opens the door for Sedalia to approach the state revolving fund for the necessary capital. This financial strategy ensures that the city can undertake the project with a sound fiscal foundation, reducing the overall cost to ratepayers while addressing the pressing need for infrastructure modernization.

Mayor Dawson further emphasized, “The overwhelming support for this initiative not only reinforces the trust our community places in us but also allows us to move forward with securing the funds needed from the state revolving fund. We are deeply appreciative of this support and committed to proceeding with transparency, ensuring that our residents are well-informed and engaged throughout this process.”

As Sedalia prepares to navigate the next steps in accessing the funds and planning for the wastewater system improvements, city officials are dedicated to keeping the community updated on developments and ensuring that the project aligns with the city’s long-term vision for sustainability and growth.