The State of Missouri Department of Economic Development has announced that the City of Sedalia will be awarded $500,000

The City of Sedalia is honored to have been selected as a recipient of a State of Missouri Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The City’s recent application for Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Replacement has been approved by the Community Development Block Grant Program in the amount of $500,000. This grant, when combined with the city’s matching funds of $500,000 will result in the construction and repair of ADA compliant sidewalk, ramps, curbs and gutters. This grant allows the city to double its budget for sidewalks this fiscal year.

The grant specifically calls for sidewalk rehabilitation in the area of East 5th Street around New York and Emmet Avenues, focusing on pedestrian access for the neighborhood and providing safe routes to Washington School.

Senator Sandy Crawford and Representative Brad Pollitt supported the City’s application with letters of support and endorsement.

The CDBG grant is a significant addition to the city’s efforts to stabilize and improve neighborhoods throughout the community. This area is part of the City’s 353 Redevelopment area and has been identified as a priority for infill housing and new housing construction to stabilize the neighborhood and provide affordable new housing in the area. This program will utilize the 353 Redevelopment Corporations funds to construct the new housing and continue a revolving program for construction.

Mayor Dawson commented that “our neighborhoods are Sedalia’s greatest asset. They are the place we come home to and where we nourish our future. This reinvestment will create a brighter future for our children and spur further pride in where we come from. We believe that this project will strengthen and demonstrate the City’s ongoing commitment to our residents.”

The CDBG grant was written and submitted by Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey and Community Development Director John Simmons.