City Receives Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant

Tree Re-Inventory and EAB Assessment

The City of Sedalia was recently notified it has received a TRIM grant for $8,721 through the Missouri Department of Conservation for completion of a partial tree re-inventory of 1,531 trees along certain street right-of-ways on public property and within City parks. The re-inventory will be conducted to document tree size, current condition, primary maintenance requirements, risk rating and additional variables. The data provided by the inventory is used to strategize and prioritize tree maintenance, planting, and any needed removal.

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was first detected in Missouri in 2008, additional EAB populations have been detected in several counties across the state. As of 2020, the EAB had become widespread in Missouri. Pettis County has reported the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer within the county’s boundaries. This year, the City requested to use a portion of the TRIM grant funds to have all 429 Ash trees on public property assessed to determine impacts from the EAB and to identify any trees of concern for monitoring and care or removal. Symptoms of EAB include the thinning or dying of ash tree crowns, suckers at the base of the tree, splitting bark, tunneling under the bark, D-shaped exit holes through the bark and woodpecker activity.

Routinely, the re-inventory is completed early in the new year. Additional information will be provided once a contract is awarded for completion of the re-inventory and EAB assessment. Residents will also be receiving a Tree Care Calendar containing information about the care of trees throughout the year as well as specific information about the Emerald Ash Borer and Oak Wilt Disease. The Tree Care Calendar will be included in residents’ February Utility Billing.

Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Department, 200 S. Osage, Sedalia, MO, 65301, or (660) 827-3000 extension 1166.