City of Sedalia Expresses Support for Collaborative Effort to Display City Logo on Water Tower

The City Council of Sedalia, Missouri, has passed a heartfelt resolution expressing enthusiastic support for a community-driven endeavor led by the Sedalia Lions Club to proudly display the Sedalia logo on the Sedalia Water Tower. This initiative aims to bolster community spirit and pride in a city known for strong collaboration and civic engagement.

The Sedalia Lions Club has been instrumental in nurturing the community’s identity, proposing an initiative that represents not just the city government but the entire community of Sedalia. In collaboration with other civic organizations, the Lions Club has committed to leading a fundraising effort with an ambitious target of $40,000.00.

Mayor of the City of Sedalia and City Administrator are empowered by this resolution to work closely with the Lions Club and key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for the project. The City Council has further expressed its intention to match the funds raised, adhering to all applicable financial policies governing budgeting and procurement

“This is more than a symbol on a water tower. It’s a beacon of our unity, our pride, and our collective identity as Sedalians,” said Mayor Andrew L. Dawson. “We commend the Sedalia Lions Club for their unwavering dedication and are excited to bring this vision to life.”

The resolution highlights previous successful collaborations between the City and the Lions Club, including notable community projects such as the Picnic Shelter at Katy Park, the Playground at the Mini Park, the Highway 50 West beautification project, and most recently the addition of the flag pole to the roundabout that the Lions already maintain.

The display of the Sedalia logo on the Sedalia Water Tower is anticipated to create a unifying visual symbol for the community, further strengthening Sedalia’s communal identity and promoting visibility.

This resolution, passed with community spirit on August 21st, 2023, takes immediate effect, marking a momentous step in fostering civic pride and collaboration in Sedalia.

For additional information or inquiries, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.