City of Sedalia Announces Key Organizational Enhancement with New Assistant City Administrator Role

In a strategic initiative to enhance operational efficiency, the City of Sedalia is pleased to announce the introduction of the Assistant City Administrator position. This role is designed to address current management challenges and establish a robust plan for future leadership.

The City Council, with the endorsement of Mayor Andrew Dawson, has ratified this important organizational improvement. The City is proud to appoint Matthew Wirt to this role. Working under the direction of City Administrator Kelvin Shaw, Mr. Wirt’s extensive experience in law enforcement and leadership will play a critical role in advancing the City’s agenda.

Matthew Wirt, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology, is known for his exemplary leadership in law enforcement. City Administrator Kelvin Shaw remarked on Mr. Wirt’s exceptional service as Chief of Police and his potential to thrive in the role of Assistant City Administrator. This move also aligns with the City’s succession planning strategy.

Following Mr. Wirt’s appointment, Mayor Dawson, in agreement with the City Council, has named Commander David Woolery as the Interim Chief of Police. Mayor Dawson expressed his utmost respect and confidence in Commander Woolery, stating, “Commander Woolery’s extensive leadership experience within our police force gives me the utmost respect and confidence in his abilities to serve as our Interim Chief of Police. I am certain that his dedication and skills will continue to benefit our community in this new capacity.”

The City of Sedalia, under the leadership of Mayor Dawson and the City Council, looks forward to a comprehensive selection process for a permanent Chief of Police, in collaboration with the Police Personnel Board.

This significant organization change reflects the City of Sedalia’s commitment to enhancing its governance structure, ensuring continued progress and prosperity for its citizens.