Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator

Employment Type:

Supervisor: City Engineer

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Random Substance Testing: Yes

Employment Opportunity Summary

This position completes advanced professional and administrative work of more than average difficulty involving the management, review, inspection and warranty administration of various types of public works infrastructure projects to ensure compliance with federal and state environmental regulations as well as the city's policies and standards. A major emphasis of work is monitoring and directing the work of engineering, architectural, and utilities consultants and contractors engaged in the design, permitting, and construction of utilities and various other infrastructure projects with a specific focus on wastewater, water, storm water and roadway improvement projects and is an active participant in city-wide master planning/modeling. The position also performs skilled technical and professional work in the design, development, and maintenance of Geographic Information System (GIS) graphics and mapping. The employee in this classification produces spatial and non-spatial data/information relevant to particular studies or analyses by providing technical assistance in the activities of demographics, zoning and planning. Employee requires strong organization skills with the ability to carry out a variety of directed tasks.

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Employment Opportunity Additional Details

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

  1. Manages/oversees the design, development, and implementation of public works projects to include, but is not limited to, gathering and defining the project requirements for street construction, wastewater system improvements, water line system improvements, storm water system improvements, recycling and composting.
  2. Participates in the selection process and assists in administering consultant services including: determining scope of work, preparation of requests for proposals/qualifications; approving the consultant’s product, approving payments to consultants, ensuring compliance including with Missouri’s prevailing wage law; initiating poor performance remedies, etc.
  3. Assists in the development and application of City project delivery policies, following general guidelines or professional and administrative standards to accomplish assignments.
  4. Reviews engineering and survey plans and specifications for upcoming projects, including preliminary and final plats, streets, utility and drainage easements, sanitary sewer, storm water, and other infrastructure, check to ensure compliance with standards and provide written/verbal comments/recommendations.
  5. Reviews and makes recommendations concerning present city standards, specifications and accepted construction techniques.
  6. Responds to various requests for information from developers, contractors, engineers, team members and the public. Respond to citizen inquiries/complaints regarding public works projects and infrastructure.
  7. Acquires easements for projects; establishes rights-of-way and ownership of property using county records; contacts property owners with proposals for easements for Public Works projects. Works with contract surveyors and the City attorney to prepare legal descriptions of easements and rights-of-way, as needed.
  8. Represents the City’s needs and requirements to developers, contractors, and engineers; reviews plans and specification to gain familiarity with construction and maintenance projects.
  9. Develops bid specifications for purchases including originating and preparing necessary technical contract data, specifications, plans and cost estimates; may inspect for quality and quantity of work; maintains accurate records of construction and other projects; calculate costs, needed materials, quantities and easements; and change orders. As needed, may assist in compiling and copying plans and specifications books for distribution during the bid process.
  10. Serves as a technical resource for City information in assigned areas of responsibility.
  11. Confers with property owners regarding project schedule, hazards and inconveniences; schedule any service interruptions with the least interference and least inconvenience to property owners.
  12. Maintains positive communication and interpersonal relations as applied to interactions with the public, coworkers, supervisors, staff and others.
  13. Works collaboratively with the public, external contractors and other departments.
  14. Achieves results using a flexible open approach to problem solving while remaining sensitive to people issues.
  15. Assists in development of Public Works five-year capital improvements plan.
  16. Assists in training others related to policies and procedures related to the area of responsibility.
  17. Enhances, expands and maintains the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the City, specifically as it relates to both office and field engineering of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of public utilities.
  18. Utilizes GIS and associated software to produce, display, and analyze geographic information; creates maps for internal customers in various departments.
  19. Prepares, updates and maintains graphic displays databases, reports, statistical information and maps as requested.
  20. Assists in the collection and mapping of land use, environmental and other types of data for comprehensive plans and amendments.
  21. Interprets a variety of information from various applications for GIS files, e.g., survey drawings, site development plans, subdivisions plans, plats.
  22. Assists various employees with map production and analysis of spatial database information.
  23. Provides technical support to train and assist system users in new and existing GIS applications.
  24. Assesses and coordinates GIS software and hardware needs of the department; evaluates new GIS software and databases.
  25. Organizes, creates, manipulates, enters and retrieves GIS data for reporting, analysis and presentation purposes.
  26. Arrives at assigned time, gets along well with others, manages time efficiently, and promotes utility efficiency.
  27. Regular attendance is a necessary and essential function.
  28. In times of inclement weather, following sever storms or other emergencies, due to employee illnesses or at the request of the Public Works Director, the position may be called upon to work in other Public Works divisions.
  29. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Condition of Employment:

  1. Must successfully complete a pre-employment drug screen and agree to be subject to random drug screen throughout employment.
  2. Must hold and maintain a valid Missouri drivers’ license with a valid commercial drivers’ license preferred.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. A four year degree in Construction Management or Project Management with a minimum of two years of related construction work experience, preferred; OR a two year degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to Construction Management, Project Management, Pre-engineering, Surveying, Business Administration, Public Administration or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with a minimum of four years of construction, inspection and project management experience; OR any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to qualify is graduation from an accredited college or university with a major in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, Business Administration, Public Administration or a closely related field and two years as a project manager which resulted in the completion of infrastructure projects.
  2. Prefer candidate with ArcGIS skills.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills required.
  4. Valid driver’s license.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

   Knowledge of:

  1. Construction design, principles, practices, procedures, terminology and estimating techniques.
  2. Project accounting and methodologies and the principles, methods, and practices of project management.
  3. Environmental protection rules and regulations.
  4. Construction safety standards and methods of construction.
  5. Engineering principles and practices.
  6. Planning of public work projects and cost estimation.
  7. Applicable laws, regulations, codes, ordinances and policies governing public works projects.
  8. Storm drain construction and testing functions.
  9. Methods and techniques of public works inspection.
  10. Soil and geological condition principles.
  11. Asphalt mixing, proper paving and testing practices.
  12. Traffic control practices.
  13. Basic civil engineering principles and practices.
  14. Basic Mathematics including algebra, geometry and trigonometry as applied to construction work.
  15. Budget policies and principles
  16. Contract policies and procedures.

   Skill in:

  1. Planning public works projects and estimating project costs.
  2. Making basic mathematical computations rapidly and accurately.
  3. Using standard office equipment including computers, applicable software applications and copiers.
  4. Reading and interpreting plans, blueprints, specifications and related technical documents.
  5. Determining if construction conforms to City Code requirements.
  6. Conducting inspections of a variety of public works projects.
  7. Applying technical knowledge and following proper inspection techniques to examine workmanship and materials and detect deviations from plans, regulations and standard construction practices.
  8. Communicating, verbally and in writing, as well as negotiating with contractors.
  9. Managing paper and electronic files and records. Conducting research related to property ownership, interpreting survey results and drafting of legal descriptions.

   Ability to:

  1. Read and interpret engineering plans and specifications.
  2. Research and interpret land record data, legal descriptions. ground and underground infrastructure data, aerial imagery and related GIS renderings.
  3. Interpret and apply laws, regulations, codes, ordinances, and policies governing the construction of public works projects.
  4. Interpret contract specifications.
  5. Enforce necessary regulations with firmness and tact.
  6. Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.
  7. Work independently with minimum supervision.
  8. Respond to and assist with emergency repairs and scheduled work after normal business hours.
  9. Call in utility locates and removal/retirement of utility services, as needed or requested.


  1. Federal, state, local statutes, regulations, guidelines and permits related to streets, traffic, wastewater, stormwater and public drinking water.
  2. City and department policies and procedures.
  3. Guidelines require judgment, selection and interpretation of application.


The work consists of varied duties related to managing/overseeing and inspecting public works projects to ensure compliance with city policies and standards. Difficulty in locating records of prior public works projects contributes to the complexity of the work.

Principal Working Relationships:

  1. Co-workers — other city employees
  2. Engineers, architects, surveyors, contractors, vendors, developers, property owners, county government representatives and the general public

Purpose of Contacts:

Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, provide services, resolve problems, or clarify, justify, defend, negotiate or settle matters.

Supervisory Responsibility:


Physical Demands and Working Environment

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to perform the essential functions of this job.

Work in office and field environments; sustained posture in a seated and/or standing position for prolonged periods of time, and provide on-site field construction inspections on assigned projects including, but not limited to: roadway, wastewater, stormwater, water line, sidewalk and trail areas. Indoor and outdoor environments; travel from site to site; exposure to inclement weather conditions; work around heavy construction equipment; work and/or walk on various types of surfaces including slippery or uneven surfaces and rough terrain; work or inspect in water, underground, and/or confined spaces.

Sufficient physical ability to walk, stand, bend, stoop or climb for prolonged periods of time; work with and around equipment and machinery; moderate or light lifting and carrying; operate motorized equipment and vehicles. See in the normal visual range with or without correction; vision sufficient to read computer screens and printed documents, to operate equipment and determine compliance with inspection standards, principles or practices. Hearing in the normal audio range with or without correction. The employee must be able to feel attributes of objects, grasp, push, stand, walk, drive, reach with hands/arms, stoop, kneel, crouch, climb/balance and operate mechanical equipment. The employee is regularly required to have repetitive wrist, hand and/or finger movement.

The employee may be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment as required for the assigned job duties. Some tasks may require use of a respirator.