Special Event Permit

Use the form below to request a special event permit. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


All required forms should be filled out as completely as possible. Events are subject to the following:

  1. Parades and 5K events must be registered with the City of Sedalia and the SPD at least two weeks in advance. All other event permits NOT involving alcohol must allow a minimum processing window of three business days.
  2. Every permit submitted requires a detailed description of the event that lists any routes to be taken and must include a site plan that outlines any equipment needed for the event area such as barricades, cones, trash cans, etc. to be approved by the Public Works Department.
  3. Permits will NOT be issued if the nature of an event is found to be dangerous or harmful to public health, safety, or welfare of the residents within the City of Sedalia.
  4. Every event shall have a responsible person appointed to take charge. It is their duty to ensure that all participants and volunteers are properly instructed as to the provisions of these regulations and no person violates the ordinances of the City of Sedalia unless that permission has been granted in documentation. It will be the applicant or take charge person’s responsibility to ensure all equipment received is handled with the utmost care. The applicant or take charge person will be responsible for placement of barricades and equipment as well as returning them to their place of origin for pickup by the city’s Public Works Department when the event is over.

Alcohol Disclosure

Any event in which alcohol will be served on public property must receive approval from City Council to lift open container restrictions. Approval is subject to proper planning and documentation of both city and state liquor licensing. Proof of a proper security plan must be presented. SPD security requires one officer per 100 eventgoers with a minimum of two officers per event.

You will be required to hire 2 or more SPD officers for this type of event. Additional planning for security will be required between the Event Coordinator, the Sedalia Police Department, Public Works, and the City of Sedalia Community Development. It is suggested that individuals be prepared with dates available to meet that allow ample time for any required follow up action before the event. Three to five weeks is suggested. If proper procedures are not followed, the event permit will be denied.

Special Event Permit Application

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