Water Pollution Control & Wastewater Treatment

The Water Pollution Control Division is responsible for managing the City of Sedalia's wastewater system. This responsibility prioritizes protecting public health while minimizing wastewater's effect on the environment. The WPCD achieves these goals by collecting and treating wastewater generated by properties within the city's corporate city limits and areas outside of the city that are connected to the city's system.

Sewer Backup

The Water Pollution Control Division (Sewer Utility) provides 24-hour on-call service, seven days a week. If you are experiencing a sanitary sewer backup problem call us at (660) 619-2996 or (660) 619-5325. We will check to determine if there is a problem in the city’s sewer main that may be causing your problem. By calling us first, you may save yourself a plumbing bill.

Common causes of sewer obstructions are disposable wipes, rags, and feminine napkins. Other culprits include fats, oils, and greases. Also, before planting trees or bushes, first locate the sewer lateral line running from your home to the city's sewer main. Avoid planting trees or bushes in that area. Roots may grow into your sewer lateral line during a drought or during dry periods.

Stormwater System

Sedalia has sixteen stormwater outfalls discharging into the waterways of Missouri. The waterways that are directly impacted by the city’s stormwater discharge are Cedar Creek, Shaver Creek, Flat Creek, Muddy Creek, Coon Creek, and Brushy Creek. Water leaving Sedalia’s storm water outfalls is not treated before exiting the system and impacts the water quality of countless streams, lakes, and rivers statewide.

Review of Development Plans for Stormwater Impacts

The Public Works Project Managers work closely with the city’s consulting engineer on the design and construction of community-approved infrastructure projects in the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). This includes survey, design, easement acquisition, contracting, and construction inspection.

They also provide comments on engineering plan submittals, perform stormwater outfall inspections, and investigate reports of potential illicit discharges to the stormwater system. Finally, they inspect stormwater control structures and respond to stormwater complaints.

Stormwater Capital Improvement Planned Projects

The Capital Improvement Projects page is a wonderful resource. It shows the past, present, and future projects with an actual and projected budget for each.

Stormwater Management Plan

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has established six minimum control measures to promote cleaner water. The City of Sedalia adheres to these measures to maintain cleaner water in Sedalia and the surrounding areas.

Stormwater Pollution Problem or Suspected Illicit Discharge Report

Stormwater flows across the land and soaks into the ground or runs into our storm drains. This water eventually flows to our waterways. When rain falls on your yard or street, it carries pollutants to the nearest storm drain. The storm drains carry the stormwater mixed with pollutants directly to our creeks and waterways. Pollutants can include fertilizers and pesticides, soaps and detergents, vehicle fluids (motor oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, fuels), paints, solvents, pet waste left on the ground, grease, sewage, trash, and debris. Everyone can help reduce pollutants entering our waterways by being aware of these pollutants and working to reduce their use and inappropriate disposal.

Spill and/or Discharge Information

A spill is any release of material that threatens human health or the environment. An illicit discharge is any discharge to the city's stormwater system that is not composed entirely of stormwater, except discharges that are allowed by city code or permit. If you see oil, antifreeze, paint, or any other questionable material being spilled or intentionally dumped on the roadway, into a catch basin, or into a stormwater drain, call (660) 827-7830.

For more information about the City’s Stormwater Program contact Public Works.

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