S.A.S. Woof Release Program

The Sedalia Animal Shelter does its very best to make sure dogs are safe and comfortable while waiting for their forever home. But let's face it, even with multiple breaks outside of their pens during the day, shelter life isn't the same as relaxing in someone's home or exploring the great outdoors. Prolonged time within a shelter environment may cause dogs to:

  • Forget how to be dogs
  • Lose the ability to socialize with humans and other animals
  • Develop muscle atrophy from not getting enough activity

We believe a tired dog = a good dog = an adoptable dog! Plus, in home training makes shelter dogs more likely to be successful in a forever home.

With Woof Release, volunteers may opt to host a dog for a one-day "Day Trip". Or, if you would like more time together, you may host a "Weekend Getaway." Each participating pup will depart with all the supplies needed to make sure his or her adventure is a success.

Those interested in participating in the SAS Woof Release program need to fill out the form below to apply.

S.A.S. Woof Release Program Application