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4/1/2008 - Mayor Proclaims Sexual Assault Awareness Month

   Office of the Mayor
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10 a.m. CDT, April 1, 2008


Mayor Proclaims Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(SEDALIA, MISSOURI) : Mayor Bob Wasson issued a proclamation today designating April, 2008 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Sedalia. 

Text of Proclamation

WHEREAS, sexual assault is a serious crime that affects people of all races, ages, income levels, and sexes; and

WHEREAS, the crime of sexual assault violates an individual’s privacy, dignity, security, and humanity; and

WHEREAS, in our country, one in four women is the victim of sexual assault and historically only one in fifty raped women reports the crime to the police; and

WHEREAS, sexual assault costs the nation millions of dollars annually in medical expense, police and court costs, shelters and foster care, sick leave, absenteeism, and non-productivity; and

WHEREAS, only a coordinated effort will put a stop to this heinous crime; and

NOW THEREFORE I, Bob Wasson, Mayor of the City of Sedalia, Missouri, do hereby proclaim the month of April 2008 as SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH and urge all Sedalia citizens to actively participate in the scheduled events and programs held to increase awareness, reduce the impact, and demonstrate their desire to stop sexual violence against men, women, and children in our community.

- City of Sedalia -