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Sedalia City Hall
200 South Osage Ave.
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 827-3000

Hours of Operation
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Administrative Services Bureau 

The Administrative Services Bureau is charged with aiding and enhancing the effectiveness of the Sedalia Police Department through information management and resource allocation.  The Administrative Services Bureau Commander directs the Bureau and reports directly to the Chief of Police. 

The Bureau operates in three key focus areas - Police Records, Personnel Services and Automated Systems.   

Police Records collects and distributes information to the officers of the Department as well as to the general public and the media.  Police Records is responsible for records management, financial services and document control. 

Personnel Services is primarily responsible for the recruitment of qualified personnel for the Sedalia Police Department.  The Division is responsible for the recruitment / pre-application process, application, testing, selection / hiring processes, basic certification / pre-employment training and promotion / retirement processes.  

Automated Systems is primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of all computer operations, telephone systems, 911 operations and other related equipment.  Automated Systems works with the Information Technology office to review, recommend and acquire new computerized systems.

Badge Name Contact
126 Commander Adam Hendricks
(660) 827-7823 ext 1205
400 Records Supervisor Ellen Cross
(660) 827-7823 ext 1206
303 Records Technician Terri Casto (660) 827-7823 ext 1207
406 Records Technician Loretta Nye (660) 827-7823 ext 1209
353 Records Technician Tammy Smith
(660) 827-7823 ext 1208