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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is made up of several
divisions all working together to deliver excellent
customer service, and a high standard of safety to
residents, visitors, and members of the business
community. The department provides the community
clean, safe drinking water; oversight of industrial
wastewater pretreatment and treatment of wastewater;
fosters the beauty of our community by maintaining
our City’s infrastructure including greenspace and
public trees; collects garbage and bulky items for
disposal; completes a variety of paving, water, sewer
and construction projects each year; and keeps our
streets safe for passage.

Our primary function is to maintain, protect and ensure
the future of the City’s infrastructure while educating
the public on available services, as well as supporting
a wide variety of special projects and events.  Public
Works staff is responsible for inspecting work
performed by our City employees, developers and
independent contractors. Public Works staff also works
closely with Community Development and other City
staff to ensure the continued growth of our community.
While continued growth is one of our primary
considerations, sustainable growth and a better quality
of life can only be achieved if we remain vigilant in our
protection of public health, ensure compliance with
environmental laws and regulations and continue to
protect our limited natural resources. 

Public Works Administration,
Project Management and Inspection

Project Management staff is responsible for the
review and approval of a variety of engineering
submittals and the inspection and acceptance of
public streets and drainage facilities constructed
by developers.  Project Management staff work
with the City’s consulting engineer to ensure
compliance with the City's Engineering design
criteria and standards to provide safe grading
and infrastructure construction for the citizens
of Sedalia.   

New subdivisions are required to conform with
applicable specifications related to stormwater
and infrastructure expansion and repair.  Public
Works Administration works with developers
and contractors to insure that these
specifications are met. 

Project Management staff review: 

  • Drainage Reports and Geologic Studies
  • Grading and Erosion Control Plans
  • Street and Drainage Construction Plans
  • Traffic Reviews
  • Reviews and Provides Comments to Community
    Development on Development Applications
  • Coordinates with Community Development
    in review of subdivision plats

Project Management staff ensures that new and
replacement concrete, street excavations, and
capital project work in the public right-of-way
is constructed to City Engineering Standards. 
The Public Works Department is responsible for
issuing permits for and inspecting work performed
in the City right-of-way and reviews traffic control
plans for permitted work and capital project work
to help ensure safety in the public right-of-way.

Project Management and Inspection staff provide
administrative services including contract
management and oversight of contracted
engineering projects and planning and
supervision of infrastructure projects
undertaken by the Public Works Department. 
Using good design practices, we plan and
have constructed or maintained the public
drinking water distribution system, a safe
transportation system, an effective stormwater
management system, treat wastewater to meet
federal and state compliance standards and
inspect sanitary sewer service lines and
connections.  This staff maintains the
Geographic Information System (GIS) used
to manage information including: zoning,
sewer, stormwater, street, pavement
management, tree management, flood plain
and digital imagery. The GIS provides easy
access to mapping and system management data. 

Following are links to the departments: 

Alley or Right of Way Maintenance and Mowing
(Coming Soon)

Sanitation Division


Water Pollution Control

Vehicle Maintenance 

Please contact the Public Works Department at
(660) 827-3000 ext. 1166 whenever you have
questions or need assistance with these
infrastructure or any environmental sciences.

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