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Water Pollution Control 

Wastewater System

The Water Pollution Control Department manages the City of Sedalia's wastewater system.  The wastewater system consists of three wastewater treatment facilities.  These 3 facilities serve the North, Central and Southeast portions of the City respectively.  

The North Wastewater Treatment plant is located at 23985 Georgetown Road.  This plant serves the north portion of the City, including the downtown area as well as north of Main Street.  This plant is a 2.5 million gallon per day trickling filter plant.  This facility serves, not only residents, but also many of Sedalia's industry.

The Central Wastewater Treatment plant is located at 3000 W. Main Street. This plant serves the west portion of the City, including most of the commercial properties west of Hwy 65.  This plant is a 2.5 million gallon per day activated sludge plant.  This facility serves mostly commercial businesses and industrial plants.

The Southeast Wastewater Treatment plant is located at 26999 Goodwill Chapel Road.  This facility serves all properties located south and east of the Katy Trail.  This plant is a 2.6 million gallon per day activated sludge plant.  This facility serves most of the residential properties located within the City.

Water Pollution Control also manages the collection system which consists of 133 miles of gravity sanitary sewer mains, 4 miles of force mains, 2,130 manholes, and 12 lift stations.  Maintenance of the collection system involves cleaning and inspections, repair, and rehabilitation. 

Stormwater System

The City of Sedalia has developed a Stormwater Management Program that is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants in to local streams and waterways to the maximum extent possible.  It is also the city’s intent to protect water quality and to satisfy the appropriate requirements of the Clean Water Act in accordance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Phase II Program.

Sedalia has sixteen storm water outfalls discharging into the waterways of Missouri.  The waterways that are directly impacted by the city’s stormwater discharge are Cedar Creek, Shaver Creek, Flat Creek, Muddy Creek, Coon Creek, and Brushy Creek.  Water leaving Sedalia’s stormwater outfalls is not treated before exiting the system and impacts the water quality of countless streams, lakes and rivers statewide.            

In 2003, the City of Sedalia was issued a General State Operating Permit for the Stormwater Phase II MS4. Sedalia is working towards the goal of reducing stormwater pollution pursuant to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and in compliance with the Missouri Clean Water Law. 

The City has developed a Stormwater Management Plan to address the six minimum control measures required by the state. These are: 

1) Public Education and Outreach
2) Public Involvement/Participation
3) Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
4) Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
5) Post-Construction Stormwater Management
6) Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping 

These minimal control measures, when combined, will help maintain cleaner water in the City of Sedalia and surrounding areas.

Stormwater Information

The City of Sedalia has been
     a proud member of the
    Groundwater Guardian
    Community since 2005.

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