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Garage Sale Permit Application

City Ordinance Requirements

City Ordinance Section 44-123 states that;

No sale for which a permit is required under this division shall be held or scheduled for more than two calendar days. No such permit shall be issued by the city clerk to any person more often than three times in any one calendar year; nor shall any such permit be issued for any such sale to be held on the same premises more often than three times in any one calendar year. 

City Ordinance Section 64-209(3) states that;

Real estate, garage sale and auction signs shall be subject to the following restrictions:

a.  Nonilluminated.

b.  Not greater than 32 square feet per sign face.

c.  Real estate, garage sale and auction signs giving directions and located on the premises to which they do not pertain shall not be in use more than 48 hours per week.

d.  Real estate, garage sale and auctions signs shall not be posted or affixed to any lamppost, public utility pole, shade tree located on the public right-of-way or upon any public structure or building nor shall such signs be placed in the ground between the sidewalk and the street and if there is no sidewalk present, no such signs shall be placed within 15 feet of the street curb or where the street surface ends.

e.  Garage sale signs shall be removed no later than 30 days after said sale has taken place.

The following form will allow you to apply for a garage sale permit.   


Fill in the form below.  Please include your email address and phone number so that we can email your Permit or otherwise contact you if needed.  

Clicking on the Submit button will forward your request to the City Clerk’s Office who will review your application and process your permit. 

If you have any problems or questions about Garage Sales, the Permit process, or the status of your Garage Sale Permit, please call the Clerk’s Office at 827-3000

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